Security & Smartphones

A survey from Ponemon Institute, and sponsored by AVG, of how US smartphone users view their mobile security. Enlightening to see how much less concern people have for smartphone security than they do desktop/laptop security – even if they have tied their smartphone to the desktop.

A few interesting tidbits from the survey:

  • 84% of us use the same smartphone for personal and business. This means we may have personal and confidential information at risk.
  • 66% keep a moderate or significant amount of personal data on our smartphones.
  • 67% are concerned about receiving marketing and promotions; only 44% are concerned about a virus attack.
  • Less than half of smartphone users use keypad locks or passwords; only 29% have considered installing anti-virus software on their smartphone.
  • 10% turn off Bluetooth when the smartphone is not in use.

There’s a lot more in the survey. It underlies the premise that people don’t understand the security risks inherent in having a computer in their pocket.


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