Sleeping with the Lights On

OK – maybe you don’t sleep with the lights on anymore, but do you charge your devices in your bedroom? Even this level of light can cause you problems.

An Ohio State University study found that the glare of city lights at night can cause depression. They have also found that exposure to even dim lights, like from a TV of computer screen, can cause depression. A third study found that mice that slept with a low level of light had more depressive symptoms than those that held to a dark environment while sleeping.

In a further study, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School have substantiated a link between a suppression in creating melatonin and keeping lights on at night, however dim. Since there have been previous studies linking melatonin suppression and diabetes, they are hypothesizing that sleeping with lights on could also cause diabetes.

Do you charge your electronic devices where you sleep? You might consider moving them.

[from CNET News]
[from CNET News]


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