Windows 8 Preview

Lock Screen for Windows 8I’m currently running Windows 7 on a touch laptop. It works – kind of. Sometimes I wish I was running either a non-touch laptop or a fully-touch tablet, as it tends to move between the two interfaces at its own whim. However, it looks as if Windows 8 would be a big step forward for me. Apparently, the interface can switch between the traditional, non-touch interface and one that is touch-based – at my whim! 🙂

A few other things noted in this article:

  • Performance should increase, e.g., fewer processes and space necessary for the operating system
  • Picture password feature available (instead of typing a password)
  • Status of some applications available on the home screen. From the screenshots, it looks like you could see the number of unread email/chat messages before opening the application. I look forward to seeing what other applications use this feature. It would be nice to see this overview of what is happening on my system instead of having to open applications to see if there are any transactions.
  • Refresh your PC – a new feature that allows you to do a clean installation of Windows. Looking forward to seeing how this one works, too!

[from LifeHacker]


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